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Our business coaching transforms stress into success by:


We analyze your current operational systems to determine strengths and opportunities for growth.


We optimize your processes to get the most out of your strategy and your staff.


We maximize your margins by reducing costly inefficiencies.

Businesses Who Trust Us

We Work Well With Businesses

If You Are

  • Experiencing Growth

  • Transitioning Management

  • Visioning for Growth

If You Are A

  • Senior Pastor

  • Executive Director

  • Healthcare Administrator

If You Want To Become

  • A healthier more vibrant church

  • A transformative non-profit

  • A market leading healthcare organization

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Increase Your Productivity
Become A Market Leader

The Ideal Operational Culture

What Separates The Best From The Rest

Market leading businesses have similar cultures. The Ideal Operational Culture sets a business apart from the other six types of business cultures. Download today and you’ll discover the characteristics that separate those who lead the market from those who get left behind!

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Are you so busy managing problems that you can't maximize potential? Problems like:

Staff Turnover

Mediocre Margins

Vision Leaks

Your Vision Can Work, But First Do The GroundWork

Step One. Schedule A Call

This 30 minute consultation call prepares you for the GroundWork Assessment and the change it will provide. 

Step Two. Take The GroundWork Assessment

This simple and easy assessment determines what kind of operational culture your business has and provides a path to transform that culture. 

Step Three. Unleash The Potential Of Your Business

You receive the GroundWork Solutions Report with 8-10 customized and actionable strategies to transform your business into a market leader, transformative non-profit, or vibrant and healthy church!

The GroundWork Assessment and Strategy Tool

The GroundWork assessment and strategy tool is an innovative approach to operations consulting, which entails using a readiness for change assessment across the administrative operations of an organization to create solutions that fit its current operational culture and state. GroundWork provides both an in depth and high-level overview of the operational culture of the organization; gives leaders a methodical and structured approach to assess their organization; can be completed as a team or by the executive leader; and can be used as part of the organization’s strategic planning process.

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It’s Costs More To Stay The Same

The problem with many business is that they don’t realize that the cost of staying the same is more expensive than the cost of change. Meetings that don’t create momentum. Cycles of great ideas but not so great implementation. The roller coaster of emotions from excitement to disappointment are all expensive costs of the status quo. When you have the courage to change the price of change becomes easier to pay! Change is never easy but it doesn’t have to be expensive. How much is staying the same costing your business?